The Rattlesnake Gulch Fun-tier Town is full of fun, family activities for all ages.  Get your camera ready.  With all of the kids attractions in Rattlesnake Gulch, it’s the perfect place to capture and share your experience at Reptile Gardens.  Rattlesnake Gulch is the perfect place to hang out while you’re waiting for the next Snake Show, Gator Show, or Bird Show to begin.

While taking a stroll through our very own old west ghost town, Rattlesnake Gulch, you’ll have plenty of photo opportunities at Little Mount Rushmore, and places along our ol’ west-themed boardwalk.  The fun, family activities don’t stop there.  Rattlesnake Gulch is full of kids attractions for all ages. 

Learn how to go gemstone and arrowhead sluicing.  With a little luck, and a lot of patience, you’ll become a gemstone and arrowhead sluicing expert.

Experience our black light, 3D Safari!  Can you survive the notorious dizzying black hole?

Don't miss a chance to Pet-a-Python in the living wall building beside the Sky Dome. Our snake handlers will answer any questions you have or dispel any myths you may have heard about snakes and pythons. Snap a photo of your Reptile Gardens adventure while you Pet-a-Python; our snakes are very photogenic and love to take photos with Guests.

These fun kids attractions offer parents a chance to relax while kids stay entertained and spend some of their endless energy!

Reptile Gardens is full of fun, family activities for the young and the young at heart.

Experience Reptile Gardens today!